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Funslope and Familypark and Snowpark Bormio

Funslope and Familypark and Snowpark Bormio

Funslope and Familypark and Snowpark Bormio

Funslope and Familypark and Snowpark Bormio in the Bormio ski area a snow of fun park in a ski area.
The new funslope will be placed in Valbella at about 2,500 meters above sea level while the snowpark will have a temporary location near the Rocca Est ski lift. Its final location is scheduled for the next winter season.

As always, the vertical fun will also be guaranteed by night skiing, scheduled from January to Friday, from off-piste skiing in the Vallone and from those on the track, on the legendary Stelvio.

Funslope Bormio funslope e familypark

Whip on big snow waves, make big turns of carving on very fast bends and go through a dense endless tunnel of snow: now, thanks to the new Funslope

Familypark Bormio funslope e familypark

The Familypark Bormio is the ideal Fun Area for taking the first steps in freestyle and for all lovers of snow sports in search of challenges. It is not necessary to demonstrate particular skills in freestyle, but a little courage and creativity are enough.

Snpwpark Bormio Snowpark Bormio

it is the ideal place for freestyle ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The snow park is located next to the Stella Alpina slope and can be easily reached via the Bormio 2000 – Pian dei Larici three-seater chairlift. The length of the park is about 500 meters for a difference in height of 200 meters.

The team of shapers and gattists always guarantees the perfect conditions of the structures and excellent landings

big air kicker 12 meters

cannon 4 meters

1 meter flat kicker

4 meters kicker

monotube rail downhill 4 meters

4 meter picnic table

bench 3 meters

6 meter tube

single-pipe rail with 8 meters final kink

box 8 meters

flatdown 4 meters

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