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The artificial snow in the Alps is now a need, the climate is changing, it is now a fact of life that all of us can detect, the seasons have changed, a time ago when the calendar marked the beginning of winter came even snow, beautiful , white ready to cover the ski slopes for skiing enthusiasts, now has changed, not always the snow arrives on time and in abundance so we resort to artificial snow. In the Alps, most of the ski slopes are equipped with artificial snow and if a time ago the artificial snow  needed to complete some points disadvantaged today are complementary to natural snow. The first snow machines have been tested in the USA in the 50s and only later began to operate in Europe in the Alps, especially in the ’80s with the beginning of the winters with little snowy. The snowmaking facilities produce snow but only if the atmospheric temperature is a few degrees below 0, the water spray into contact with the air freezes to form snow.

Even Bormio, a ski resort and spa in the central Alps, it is organized and has an artificial snow system that allows you to reach high levels, an example are the Alpine World Ski Championships Bormio 2005 that have been played completely on artificial snow. The snowmaking in Bormio has 300 points snow with 190 snow cannons fixed and 50 mobile guaranteeing perfect snow conditions on 80% of the ski slopes.

So if it snows or not, Bormio is organized and if there is a good natural snow good, otherwise Bormio have snowmaking that produce artificial snow for the ski slopes always at the top.


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