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Christmas markets in Bormio

Christmas markets in Bormio  6-13-20-24 December 2015, piazza del Kuerc

As in all the Alps, the Christmas markets in Bormio begin the Christmas period. One of the first Christmas markets, very old tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages, is the St Nicholas Market that took place in Germany and Austria and that then was called Christkindmarkt with the meaning of Child Market.

The Christmas atmosphere is magical, but the markets make it even more engaging with lights, colors, smells and tastes of ancient alpine traditions. Christmas shopping along the stalls enhances the magical atmosphere of Christmas made even more fantastic if in the sky it is snowing.

Even Bormio, ancient alpine village, according to tradition, organized its Christmas markets in central and historic Piazza del Kuerc and after a day of skiing it is fantastic walking and relaxing among the streets of the mountain village in his Christmas spirit.

Christmas markets in Bormio

6-13-20 December 2015 square Kuerc open until 20:00.

24 December  2015 square Kuerc open until 24.00.

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