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Ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering

If you have read my article ““Sci alpinismo per principianti” and want to try your hand at this wonderful discipline it might be interesting to see what you need.

The basic equipment consists of:

Clothing: as in normal skiing + breathable garments, Touring skis (light and wider than normal skis), Ski touring bindings, to allow the attachment and release of the heel, Boots, Skins, Telescopic poles, Kit Artva , probe and shovel, Backpack

Let’s see in detail the individual items leaving out the clothing which is the same valid for snowshoeing, the poles that apart from the fact of being telescopic do not change compared to normal ski poles and the backpack.


Touring skis are usually wider than normal skis because they have to float in fresh snow and are lighter than piste skis because they have to be light and agile on the way up.
There are many types of mountaineering skis depending on the disciplines, a beginner will choose a pair of All Mountain skis suitable for doing a little bit of everything.

Ski mountaineering bindings

Ski touring bindings are different from normal bindings because they must allow the boot to release on the heel.
In this way during the ascent you can walk in a natural way using the ski as a large snowshoe.
Costs vary a lot based on how light and stable they are.
Once in a coma, the skier will hook the heel to the binding, thus finding himself in the conditions of a normal skier.

The ski touring boots

The ski touring boot has 2 characteristics, the first is lighter than a normal boot and the second is the sole.
The sole of the ski touring boot is like that of a normal mountain boot; therefore suitable for walking.
Uphill the boot remains open and the foot is firmly in place thanks to the liner that can be tightened. Downhill it is closed like a normal boot.

Ski skins

The skins to put under the skis are 2 strips that attach thanks to a special glue under the skis.
They are mounted uphill and transform a ski into a support that adheres to the snow without sliding backwards but allowing you to move forward.
They allow you to tackle steep climbs without sliding backwards. In any case, when the climb is too steep the skier will proceed in a zig zag.
Once at the top, the skins detach easily and put them back in the backpack.

Artva kit, probe and shovel

This kit is mandatory for ski mountaineering. It allows you to be found or to find a person buried under an avalanche of snow.
The beginner who opts for itineraries within the SKI area could do without this kit if he sticks to staying on the slopes and off the groomed slopes, however it is important to make sure on the spot that this is actually possible.

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