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Telemark in Bormio The Telemark  is a ski technique also known as “free heel skiing”, invented in the mid-1800s by a skier in Norway, in the norwegian county of Telemark, and the first competitions of Telemark were held in 1843  in Norway. This way of skiing, was used since medieval times for to move in the vast northern areas covered with snow, for to hunt but also to have fun. The technique of Telemark skiing was the only technique that allowed to make steep descents and bending on skis, then in 1910 was created the method “Stem Christiania” that allowed to rotate in the curves, but a few years it was later devised the method to “skis parallel” with the heel stuck. Then over the years the Telemark method was never used, but has recently come back into fashion for the pleasure of returning to the origins of skiing. Telemark is widely used in hiking and in winter ski touring. In Telemark just the tip of the foot is connected to the ski, while the heel is free to bend, the skier pushes forward the downstream leg and bend the knee of the leg upstream. The Telemark skis are similar to those of alpine skiing, while the Telemark boots are lighter and more flexible than those of alpine skiing and have a single point of attachment to the ski.
Even on the ski slopes of Bormio, in addition to downhill skiing, the Carving and snowboarding is practiced the Telemark, and ski schools in Bormio and Alta Valtellina have ski instructors prepared to teach this technique, also in Bormio there is the Telemark club that organizes meetings, tours and excursions as “Cevedale in Gegnogl” (kneeling), the ascent on skis of Cevedale mountain with vintage clothes and telemark skis.

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