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Terme Bagni Nuovi Bormio and its valleys have three spas, Terme Bagni Nuovi www.bagnidibormio.it , Terme Bagni Vecchi www.bagnidibormio.it and Terme di Bormio www.bormioterme.it . The Terme Bagni Nuovi, included in the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi Bormio, are divided into four sectors, each with its own path with spa baths and outdoor pools surrounded by a marvelous garden, also the Baths New Baths offer aesthetic services and massages, wellness events and the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi with restaurants and cafes. A magnificent place where you can regenerate, relax and enjoy the wonderful view over the valley of a nice atmosphere in light, color and warmth spa.

 Thermal circuit with pools and outdoor pools surrounded by a marvelous garden

Giardini di Venere regenerating pathway, in the wider outdoor thermal park of the Alps, where the pleasure of the water alternates air and sun mountain, with pools where in ‘800 there was the vegetable garden-garden of the hotel, in strict compliance with History and Nature.

Grotta di Nettuno path detoxifying, with soft lighting, a path inside a tunnel where hot and cold alternate to promote your circulation and remove impurities.

Bagni di Giove: revitalizing, path located under the vaulted arch of the Grand Hotel, which housed the first spa from ‘800.

Bagni di Ercole: relaxing, course also with the organization of events spa

 Beauty and massage

beauty salons, relaxing and toning massages, facial and body treatments with thermal water.

 Wellness events

Relaxation techniques body and mind with wellness Masters

Hotel and Cafe and Restaurant

Chalet Gardenia has agreement with Terme Bagni di Bormio

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