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The Palio of Contrade in Bormio is one of many traditions of Bormio that as all the Valtellina loves its traditions. In Palio of the Contrade are held alpine skiing and Nordic skiing races, the latter through the streets of the country, with the passionate participation of many villagers, and of the guests of the magnificent land that follow the events amused and fascinated by the atmosphere of celebration and joy. Bormio is divided into five wards, or districts, each distinguished by color and symbol, that for the Palio of the Contrade forming teams for the challenge. Fundamental is not be the most talented or the strongest, but wear vintage clothes and vintage sports equipment, or the typical “costume” Bormio, take part at the event with a true villager spirit , be engaging and passionate.

The Palio di Bormio began in 1963, called the “Race of the Old” because he could partecipate only those who had at least forty years of age, and has over the years continued to thrill the villagers and the guests, with adding some variation in the years for to make more compelling and passionate the sporting / folk event. The competitors are divided by age, race downhill skiing takes place at night, while the cross-country race takes place through the streets of the country, and recently was also held in the relay. Tourists, while not participating in competitions, participating in the Palio with incitement creating an atmosphere of joy and warmth that warms the hearts of competitors. The Palio of Bormio, is not just a sporting event, but also a meeting point of people of the country where they relived the traditions, of the community of Bormo, in an atmosphere of good-natured sense of community sports competition and love for their land.

The following appointments of the Palio of Contrade in Bormio 2016.
Thursday, February 4, 2016 Alpine skiing race
Friday, February 5, 2016 Nordic skiing race
Saturday, February 6,  2016 Festival with dance party

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