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The Pasquali in Bormio

The Pasquali in Bormio are an ancient tradition Bormina, of nature religious-folk held every year on Easter Sunday Groups of villagers, dressed in traditional costume of Bormio, are parade along the village streets towards the square, each with its own Pasquale, here every Pasquale,  will be reviewed and rated by experts

The young people of the country already during the winter begin to prepare, animated by the spirit of the group

Every Pasquale has its own meaning and starting from the cue chosen are realized works of symbolic value, of craftsmanship value and of artistry value

In 2016, the feast of Easter is March 27 and the Bormio attractions are many and varied. The ski slopes are still open and the ski season will end in April, on Easter Sunday there will be the traditional parade of Pasquali that will be on display in the town square, and to relax there are the famous Terme di Bormio, Bagni Nuovi and Bagni Vecchi, that offering many opportunities for the well-being and to stay in shape while enjoying of the warm thermal waters

 All good reasons to spend the Easter holidays in Bormio, including skiing, entertainment, fun, wellness, history and traditions

 Chalet Gardenia in Bormio offers its apartments, its garden and discounts Bagni Nuovi, Bagni Vecchi, Bormio Terme and restaurants.

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